Sumer Bleu Noel - Violinist and Violin Instructor
Selecting a violin teacher for your child is an important decision. Of course, it is expected that your student will learn proper technique and appreciation of music in such a pursuit. However, with exceptional instruction, students should also learn:
Effective practice habits
How to take responsibility for their   own progress
True artistry
The end result should be a player that has all the necessary skills at their disposal and a true understanding of the mystic beauty of the violin and why it has sustained its popularity throughout centuries.
I welcome you to discover what I have to offer as a violin teacher for your child. It is my hope that I can lead you through a most exquisite journey for both you and your student. Please take a look through this site to learn more about my background and how to contact me for any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Sumer Bleu Noel
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